Virtual MAT Expo



Buildings, estates and facilities

As we head into an uncertain back-to-school period where the physical space both staff and students are occupying is under the spotlight, it’s vital to examine how education spaces will be adapted, managed and repurposed in this “new normal”. And with the global warming crisis becoming increasingly fraught, trust leaders must consider their organisation’s impact on the environment.

Finance, operations and back-office

Under mounting budgetary pressure in extenuating circumstances, multi academy trusts are being forced to carefully consider how and where they prioritise investment. As trusts grow and adapt now and into the future – how do they overcome financial and operational challenges in order to ensure the best possible student outcomes?

Edtech and digital innovation

Continuous innovation and improvement in education is vital no matter what the circumstances. That being said, edtech has never played a more vital part in delivering teaching and learning. There’s a need to understand what trusts have now, what they need and how it should be used to enhance the learning experience.

Workforce, recruitment and skills

As learning adapts, so must a trust’s workforce. Developing and furthering digital skills amongst educators will be vital. In addition, we must understand how the global conversation around diversity can be applied within the education sector – particularly within leadership.


Registration for our 2020 event is now closed. Please check back soon for more information on our next event.